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STS Exam Preparation Course

الكورس التحضيري لإمتحان المعادلة التركية STS


About the Course : 


- The course is online contains 200 lessons.

- The language of the course English - Turkish.

- Contain the following majors :

1)Turkish medical Terminology.

2)Internal Medicine.



5)Obstetrics and Gynecology.


- By the end of this course, you will be able to pass the STS exam.


Duration :


- The Application is Continuous throughout the year.



- The course presenter is Dr.Muhammed Kenan a Syrian doctor, he passes the STS exam on September 2018.

- He will share with you his experience and knowledge, so you can pass the exam too.


Registration : 


- First 5 lessons are open for everyone the other 195 lessons will be for registered member only.

- The Course Fee is 200$ .

- You will get access to the whole lessons for 1 Year.

- You can contact Dr.Kenan directly by Email for any help during this period.


- For registration and more information contact us on

E-mail: or Whatsapp: 00905551572626

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