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About Us

Welcome to Alsir For Health Services Ltd Co, the premier provider of medical training courses, observerships, and fellowships in Turkey for international medical graduates (IMGs), specialists, and medical students.

At Alsir since our company was established in 2016, we are committed to providing world-class medical training and clinical experience to help medical professionals from around the world to advance their knowledge, skills, and experience. With more than 100 different programs, including fellowships, observerships, hands-on training, and online courses , we provide our students with the tools and resources necessary to take their medical career to the next level.

Whether you’re a medical student looking to gain clinical experience in a foreign country or a specialist seeking a unique opportunity to gain new skills, Alsir offers the perfect program for you. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of medical professionals are here to help you every step of the way!

We’re excited to work with you and help you reach your medical career goals. Thank you for choosing Alsir For Health Services Ltd Co!


Azhar Almohsin / Egypt , IVF course

Training was very good, Dr Mahmet is an amazing, he is very informative and highly respectful

Hassan Sleiman Paez / Colombia, hair transplantation course

I have learn a lot thanks to the doctor and her team

Aleksandr Stefano / Bulgaria , Upper and Lower Endoscopy

I am doing very well my supervisor is very cooperative and I am having pleasant and efficient time with him!

Ahmed Abou Hadeed / Canada , Hair Transplantation

Training was good Supervisor doctor was super super super excellent She was outstanding I guess one week should be enough instead of the 10 days period

Lauren standfifld / USA , Master Class Medical Aesthetics

It truly was an amazing experience and Im grateful. It provided tons of opportunities for skill development, and continued learning. I will be back next year.

Antonela ziu / Albania  , Medical Aesthetics Fellowship

Hello, I’m doing just fine. Yes everything is perfect 🤩 Okay thank you very much for this experience

Oh Pei Bing / Malasiya , Hair Transplantation

The training is awesome I love it so much Really has alot of hands on on the Hair Transplant Procedure The Training Programme and Supervisor Trainers are really excellent Great Attitude and Professional

Fauzia carullo / USA , Hair Transplantation

Thank you I appreciate everything I feel I gained vast hands on knowledge here. I am very happy with the program. Both of our instructors were excellent.

Abdul Haris / UK , Hair Transplantation

Training program is very good thank you

Mejra Durmisevic / Bosnia , Internal Medicine course

 Just to inform you that i finished today my elective program. It was really good. Mehmet hoca is a great teacher. Thank you very much. Tomorrow I am going back to Bosnia

Dexter Marak / india , Hair Transplantation

The training is going on well. I am learning a lot. Thank you so much Sir

Rica Singh / india , Hair Transplantation

I would like to thankyou for this wonderful opportunity for me to grow in my profession and I’m very sure I shall return to learn more in the future :) 
Thanks for all your help and efforts to make this a seamless process for me right from the beginning 🙏🏻

BERINA DIVANOVIC / Montenegro , Cardiology course

Thank you very much for asking.  I was lucky, the doctor checked how I did echo on the first day. And I practice echo every day, I work on the patient. I hope to see transesophaeal echocardiography and dobutamine echo and be able to practice that as well insAllah! I will definitely let you know for the next time so we can organize for another center for transesophageal echocardiography (now you know what I found). But I would like to tell the doctor is very nice we discuss about many things. Thank you, I really appreciate your asking and engaging for me and I will sincerely recommend your company to other colleagues!

Aliraza  / Tanzania , Dental Implantology 

Thanks you for sharing , it was really good and learnt a lot. The doctor is very knowlgeable MashAllah .

Latifa  / Kuwait , Upper and lower endoscopy 

Great so far , Thanks 

Maha Aljabri / USA
, Master Class Aesthetic program 

Im very satisfied with the course, my trainer is very knowledgeable, he has impressive teaching skills.
Many hands on cases which gave me the chance to learn in a short period of time. 
I m. also happy with the friendly environment.
I felt welcomed.

Layla Shelibik   / Libya,

الكورس منظم ودقيق جدا  والمحاضر كان متعاون ولطيف معانا والحقيقة استفدنا الكتير من هذه التجربة

Ameet Hurbungs / Mauritius
Master Class Course

I have already reached home

The training program was good. It was a nice experience with the supervisor doctor

Thank you for everything

Nazik / Sudan 
, Phaco Training  program 

Regarding the supervisor he was very cooperative and he  was doing his best to help me  to get benefit from the training.

Thanks again and wish you all the best

Berezhkov Alexander  / Russia,
Anesthesia&Reanimation Training Program 

Of course, I was able to gain a lot of experience both in international interaction and in terms of medical aspects of the work. Some features of work were very interesting and useful for me, and I'm sure I'll be able to use it in my work. And of course now I have new friends! So, çok teşekkür ederim! I think my colleagues will want to come to your hospital as well.
And Dr Kazim is a very good mentor as well as his team and a very kind man.

Beldar Shega / Albenia
Urulogy fellowship

Many thanks to Alsir company for providing Medical training in Turkey, I'm very grateful.

Dr.Subhraj Mudoo / Mauritius
, Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship

Thank you for your support.
1. Dr Cemil, my supervisor, together with his team, are experts in their field, were very cooperative, interactive and helpful. 
2. Got exposure in interventional techniques in pulmonology. 
3. Mr Salih and Mr Amjad were helpful and responded positively whenever I contacted them for advice, help or clarification.

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