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Neurology Training Program

Updated: Apr 29

Neurology Training  Program
Neurology Training Program

Neurology Training Program

Türkiye (03-14 / 06 / 2024)

The objective of a Neurology Training Program is to provide specialized training to medical professionals in the field of neurology. This program aims to enhance knowledge and skills in diagnosing and managing various neurological disorders. Participants will gain expertise in conducting comprehensive neurological assessments, formulating treatment plans, and providing patient care. The program includes didactic learning, clinical rotations, and research opportunities. The primary goals are to develop proficiency in neurology practice, enhance diagnostic and therapeutic skills, expand knowledge of neurologic conditions, foster research skills, and promote collaboration with multidisciplinary teams. The objective is to produce competent and skilled neurologists who can contribute to patient care, research, and the advancement of the field.

General information :

- The training will be in English.

- The price includes transportation between Airport-Hotel-Airport.

- There is just 2 Available Seats.

​- It is an Observership Training.

Upcoming Dates :

  • 03-14 / 06 / 2024

  •  01-12 / 07 / 2024

  •  05-16 / 08 / 2024

Cost :

- 2 weeks : 2,500 EURO

- 1 month : 3,500 EURO

How To Apply :

- Please send us your CV on our Email:

- Write on the email title : ( Neurology Training Program ).

- Note: You have to send 500 from the fees during the application period to confirm your seat .

- We will send to you Invitation letter to apply for Visa.

- The Rest of the payments should be done 2 weeks before the training starting date.

Payment :

Accommodation :

- Local 4 stars hotel accommodation is available for those who require it, it cost 70$ / day with breakfast .

- Note : We will receive all the participants in the Airport .

Certificate :

By the end of the course you will get certificate from the host Hospital

Note :

-The program fee only includes the program fee and the transportation from the Airport to the Hotel.

-If you have any inquiries regarding Fellowships , Medical Courses , Observership , internships and Elective in Turkey , don't hesitate to get in touch with us through the following Email.

Alsir For Health Services Ltd. Co.

Medical Training in Turkey


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