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Sport Medicine Fellowship

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Sport Medicine Fellowship

Turkey 2024

Application is open throughout the year

Sports physicians provide services for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of health problems caused by physical activity or inactivity. In addition, it can also engage in preventive medicine activities to enable individuals to engage in physical activity appropriate to their personal characteristics. By examining the effects of physical activity on body physiology, biochemistry and biological state, sports physicians can make important evaluations and suggestions regarding the relationship between physical activity and other health problems of individuals and the treatment process. The most important working areas of sports physicians are; It covers regular periodic examinations of those who do sports at professional or amateur level, maximizing the efficiency of sports, preventing sports-related injuries or performance losses, rehabilitating injured athletes and returning them to their former condition as soon as possible. Apart from this, sports physicians undertake the preparation of prescriptions and applications for people with chronic diseases. After the methods such as resting, fixing, cold application, and compression of the affected limb, which should be applied in terms of emergency treatment, planning is made for the actual treatment of the ailment. In the treatment of diseases detected in sports medicine, prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment, Methods such as dry needling, ozone therapy, kinesio taping, and manual therapy can also be used. Working in cooperation with physiotherapy specialists in the implementation of physical therapy methods, sports physicians evaluate cases together with orthopedic specialists when necessary, and ensure the application of interventional or surgical methods.

General information :

- The training will be in English.

- The price includes transportation between Airport-Hotel .

- There is just 1 Available Seat.

Venue :

- Turkey.

Duration :

- 2 Months Up to 2 Years.

Dates :

Application is open throuth out the year.

Tuition Fees:

  • 2 Months: 7,000 Euro

  • 3 Months: 10,000 Euro

  • 6 Months : 15.000 Euro

  • 1 Year : 25.000 Euro

Fellowship application process :

- The Required Documents :

1) CV.

2) University Diploma .

3) Speciality Diploma (Resident doctors can apply also ).

4) Any other international Exams

Application fees : 500€ Refundable

We have partnerships with more than 50 university hospiatals around Turkey . Evaluation process take from 30 to 90 days , if you have been accepted we will send you the acceptance letter from the university hospital , then you have to complete the payment , if not you'll get the application fees back.

How To Apply :

- Please send us your CV on our Email:

- Write on the email title : ( Sport MedicineFellowship ).

- We will send to you the Invitation letter to apply for Visa .

Payment :

Accommodation :

- For long stay AirBnb is the best option.

- Note : We will receive all the participants in the Airport .

Certificate :

By the end of the course you will get Fellowship certificate from the host University Hospital.

Note :

-If you have any inquiries regarding Fellowships , Medical Courses , Observership , Internship and Elective in Turkey , please contact us through the following Email.

Alsir For Health Services Ltd. Co.

Medical Training in Training


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