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Dental Observership Program

Updated: Mar 30

Dental Observership Program
Türkiye (06-17 / 05 / 2024)

Dental Observership Program


An observership program in dentistry is a structured educational opportunity that allows dental professionals to observe and learn from experienced practitioners in a clinical setting. Observerships can be a valuable learning experience for dental students, residents, and practicing dentists who want to expand their knowledge and skills in a particular area of dentistry. Observerships may be offered at dental schools, hospitals, or private practices, and they typically involve shadowing a practitioner and assisting with patient care under close supervision. Observerships can range in length from a few days to several weeks or months, depending on the specific program and the learning goals of the observer.

Dental observership programs can cover a wide range of specialties and areas within dentistry, including general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, and more. Some observership programs may focus on a specific aspect of dentistry, such as sedation or implant placement, while others may provide a more general overview of dental practice. Observerships may be available in both private practice and academic settings, and they may be offered at dental schools, hospitals, or other clinical facilities. It is important for individuals seeking a dental observership to choose with branch who want to apply for.

Who is Eligible?

  1. Dental students .

  2. Dentist

You can choose one of the following branches :

  1. Oral and dental surgery .

  2. Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology .

  3. Endodontics .

  4. Orthodontics .

  5. Pediatric Dentistry .

  6. Periodontology.

  7. Prosthodontics.

  8. Restorative Dental Treatment .

Duration :

- 2 Weeks​ .

- Note : You can do the training in more than one branches .


2 Weeks : 2,500

1 Month : 3,500

Upcoming Dates :

- 06-17 / 05 / 2024

- 03-14 / 06 / 2024

- 01-12 / 07 / 2024

Certificate :

By the end of the observership, doctors will get a certificate from the host University.

General information :

- The training will be in English.

- The price includes transportation between Airport-Hotel .

How To Apply :

- Please send us your CV on our Email:

- Write on the email title : (Dental Observership program).

- Note: You have to send 500 from the fees during the application period to confirm your seat .

- We will send to you Invitation letter to apply for Visa .

- The Rest of the payments should be done 2 weeks before the training starting date.

Online payment :

Accommodation :

- Local 4 stars hotel accommodation is available for those who require it, it cost 70$ / day with breakfast .

- Note : We will receive all the participants in the Airport .

Note :

-If you have any inquiries regarding Fellowships , Medical Courses , Observership , Internship and Elective in Turkey , please contact us through the following Email.

Alsir for Health Services Ltd. Co.

Medical Training in Turkey


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