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Registration dates for the Turkish Equivalency Exam STS in 2022

In the year 2022 , the Turkish equivalency exam will be Held twice a year on March and September .

Dates for the March exam :

- Registration date: From 14/01/2022 - 24/01/2022.

- The date of the exam: 06/03/2022.

- Date of announcement of result: 31/03/2022.

Registration dates for the September exam:

- Registration date: on 14/07/2022- 25/07/2022.

- The date of the exam: 04/09/2022.

- Date of announcement of result: 29/09/2022.

Registration method for doctors who are in Turkey :

1) Go to the nearest ÖSYM center in the city where you live (you can use google maps).

2) Upon registration, you will be asked to show your passport, residence or passport only if you do not have a residence in Turkey.

3) They will be taken a picture of you and record your data , then you have to choose the exam as following :

-STS Tıp Doktorluğu 2. Dönem 2. Aşama.

4) You will be given a form with a password.

5) After obtaining your registration number and password you can fill in your data and create a personal page through this website

6) You must pay the fees through the visa card or at one of the approved banks , Fees must be paid during the registration period.

Doctors Who are outside Turkey Can contact us for more information about the registration

Alsir for Health Services Ltd. Co


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