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10 Steps to work in Turkey as a specialist doctor

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

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In 2011, Turkey passed a law allowing foreign doctors to work in its territory due to the shortage of doctors, especially in the private sector. In European countries there are 340 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants. In Turkey there are 156 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants. Turkey is seeking to increase the number of doctors by opening the door for all doctors from all countries of the world to work in its territory after fulfilling all the required conditions.

In this article we will learn about the steps required for specialist doctors to work in Turkey, including new laws added in 2020.

1) Learn Turkish. 2) Pass the STS exam. 3) Complete mandatory training. 4) Pass the oral exam in the field of your specialization. 5) Work under supervision for 3 months. All the papers work in the Ministry of higher education and Ministry of health our office will do it . The procedures in details : The First Step : Prepare the required documents for equivalence application to Turkish Minister of Higher Education 1) Bachelor's degree documented from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country . 2) Transcript documented from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country . 3) High school Certificate documented from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country. 4) Photocopy of your passport. 5) power of attorney for us to to do the procedures in behalf of you in the Turkish Ministry of higher education and Ministry of health. Note : Our Office will translate all the above documents to Turkish language . The Second Step : Send the Documents to Our office in Ankara via DHL or you can come to Turkey by yourself if you want. The Third Step : We will submit your documents to the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education . Review process will take from 8 to 12 Months . Note : The original documents will be returned to you after we open your folder in the Turkish Ministry of higher education . The Fourth step : In this period you have to learn the Turkish language and be prepared for equivalent's exam.

Note: you can learn Turkish online through the following link .​ The Fifth Step : You have to enter the equivalent's exam which called STS ( seviye tespit sınavı ) which held Twice a Year on April and September , in Ankara . The Exam consist of 120 Question as the following : medicine 40 q pediatric 30 q general surgery 30 q obs & gayne 20 q. The Passing score is 35 out of 100 ( the score was 40 but after covid-19 they lower the required score to 35)

- Note : in the following link are the material of STS Exam​ The Sixth Step :

Mandatory Training in Govermental educational hospital for 6 to 9 months in ( Medicine - Surgery - Pediatrics- Obs&gyne - Family Medicine - Emergency Medicine ) . The Seventh Step : Receiving the Equivalence Certificate from The Turkish Ministry of higher education .. and now you have the right to work as a GP or to start a residency in Turkey. The Eighth Step : Submit the required documents for specialist equivalence application to The Ministry of Health Required documents: 1) Bachelor Degree's equivalent certificate. 2) a copy of the translation of the passport. 3) a certificate of specialization + translation to the Turkish language. 4) The Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) + translation to the Turkish language. 5) document shows that the institution has the education and training license + translation to the Turkish language. The procedure takes from one to two months. The Ninth Step : In this step you will have to Oral Exam in your specialty .. If you pass you will gain the equivalence certificate , If not you will have to work under-supervision for 3 months in one of the Teaching hospital . The Tenth step : You will gain the equivalence certificate and permission to practice the profession as a specialist doctor

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